7" epad MID won't unlock


Jan 8, 2011
got a mid epad 7 inch for christmas and the problem is that it won't unlock it says to slide a bar to unlock but when i do it dosent unlock it's running android 2.2
maybe I know what the prob is, I have that with my modded 2.2 tablet here. When it's locked, briefly the lockscreen appears, I have to push on the lock and slide it down, sometimes it just doesn't work that fine. You however can alter the way the locking behaves, check under Settings! Good luck.
I had the same problem. It drove me kracy!! Very simple fix:all you gotta do is connect a mouse via usb thru ur u disk . Once ur connected u will see the mouse on ur screen simply slide lock. U will need to calibrate ur screen and problem solved!!!!
Also there's an app called "NoLock" which is great for disabling this! (org.jraf.android.nolock)

The package "com.google.code.p.slideunlocker2" is the iPhone wannabe Unlock screen.