7042 - Rooted and GAPPS - Install Apps to external SD


Aug 29, 2011
Anyone figured out how to have Apps install to external SD on this device?

Manage Apps --> moving them between tablet and SD Card for me seem to just move them between internal space and sdcard which is the 2.12GB partition on the internal SD.

Trying to figure out how to get them to install or move to the 16GB external SD.

Without this your external sd is only good for media files.

Assume we'd need a mount point change in the kernel but not positive.
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If it is running ICS, I have not yet seen any tablets that can move apps to the SD for ICS. Most of the issue is due to the different locations that each OEM mounts the external storage.

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There are several options.
1.swap sdcard and extsd mount points in vold.fstab this is very easy to do, I already posted what to do..


The other option is much harder works well just requires a lot of work, you would move your data partition to the sdcard, edit boot.img to mount sdcard partition as data.

i have seen this script in a blog:Tablet Mods: Internal Memory and External SD Card Swap
does the script maded by Sergey_F1 works in my tablet?