9.7" Google Android 1.6 Tablet firmware update question


Dec 22, 2010
Hi guys just wondering if somebody can help me (Tipstir?)
I have purchased an unbranded tablet from china, the specs seem slightly different to the posts I have seen on this site and so I am having trouble finding a firmware update to match its specs, which are as follows:

Google Android OS 1.6
ARM926EJ-S rev 5(v5l)
VIA 8505
128MB DDR2
9.7" screen (1024*768 pixel resolution)
802.11b/g Wi-Fi network connection

I would be extremely grateful for any help.
This is almost certain a Eken m008, you can try googlin' for firmware and test it! Be sure you write down your original firmware version before trying any other rom, go to Settings \ About Device and there is the info about your firmware, write that down it's very important in case something goes wrong.
Hi...I have a China MID tablet Android OS 1.6 with wifi and camera but -because my daughter locked the screen with unknown pattern - I overwrote the firmware with what I thought would be an upgrade. No luck. Now the tablet is dead. Have tried several downloads but have had no success. Does anyone have a suggestion besides paperweight. Can I run a different OS from the micro chip? Advise would be appreciated

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hi i to am having the same problem understanding the form and os of the tablet as im new to this and purchased it for work us only however i cant download app's nore can i find any app's the firm-ware is as follow's
kernel:-2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty ???

any pointers and help welcome