A Great Controller for Gaming on your A2109A


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Dec 3, 2012
Hey all:

I just recently got me this controller made by Nyko it can be used for HID games. Touch mapping, as well as Keyboard Mapping.
It can also be used as a Mouse.
It will run on Android, iOS, and Windows.

But was designed to be used on Android.
The Touch Mapping at the moment is a little glitchie because of anything above 4.0 isn't really working well on the compatability App they call PlayGround.
But they say a Fix including an update is just around the corner.

It works "GREAT" for me and I just thought one of you might be interested in it as well.
So here's the link to mine.

Amazon.com: Nyko Playpad for Android/Bluetooth (White): Video Games

Hope you like. Have a Great Day: Ricky