A13 Tablet Issues With Our App and Web Based Program


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May 15, 2014
Hello to all. We are a small non profit agency located outside of Dallas, Texas. We created an app for our clients that transmits data from the pc tablets we provide them to our web based program. The project has been plagued with connections for the past several months. Our programmers are having a hard time trying to figure out these problems. Our clients are becoming frustrated and I have decided to look outside for help or answers. I have zero programming skills, expertise, or experience. I apologize if I am being way to vague and will get the answers to any questions you have that might assist us in getting this fixed. We have another app that we are going to have to have written but we won't dare venture into that without figuring this out with these tablets first or with our current programmer. It is my understanding that our web based program is Java based and that our programmer for our site also build the REST system. There is a different programmer building the app. Our biggest problem is the app connecting to our program. We have found that turning the tablet off and on will fix the problem. You can also do this by forcing the app to stop and restarting it. These connection problems do not exist when we used Samsung tablets and different android phones. It is only with these tablets. Being a small non profit we obviously can not afford to give each client 2 higher priced tablets and most of these clients can not afford to purchase them on their own. We have been providing them with 9.2 inch Capacitive Multi-touch Screen Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Tablets Tablet PC MID 8GB WIFI A13 SINGLE CORE 1.5GHZ. At least that is what DHGate's description is of them. When I go into the Legal Information under Settings, About Tablet, Legal Information, in the tablet is says the model number is TWD_MID and the android version is 4.0.4. I also saw in DHGate's description it said the model was F900. Any thoughts on why we are having these connection problems with these tablets and not other android devices? Thank you.


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Mar 24, 2011
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