a500 Screen Not Responding


Oct 29, 2011
About a week and a half ago i was using my Acer Tablet and the Screen stopped responding to touch! i finally had to hold the power button a few seconds till it shut-down. i turned it on again and i couldn't type my password so i shut it off the same way. the third time i was able to type my password and use it for a while and then it stopped responding again! so now the screen stops responding at different times, start up or a few minutes in or works perfect till i turn it off. the volume still works and if am watching a movie it just keeps playing and sometimes it starts to respond again. everything else works fine. i already changed the screen touch to high also. i've had it for a few month without any other problems.

so does anybody have any ideas of we its doing this?
So, does anybody know what might be the problem with my Touch Screen?

I noticed that when it does it, I just press the power button to put it on "Stand By/Sleep" Mode, press once again and the touch starts working!
Hello, did you ever solve this problem? I have exactly the same problem...Reboot/Restart and everything works fine for a few minutes and then it slowly stops responding to touch and then NO response. Almost as if the processor is getting bogged down by a driver or something. I'll keep looking for a possible solution...would hate to just toss a Tablet that's only 3 weeks past warranty period (naturally!).