'About Blank' Page in Browser Mystery


Dec 14, 2012
samsung tab 2 10 inch 16gb. 4.1.1.

earlier i was on the internet using the default browser and when i decided id finished i pressed the little x on the tab at the top of the page to exit the browser and go back to my tablet homescreen but instead of closing the tab switched to a blank tab with 'about blank' written in the search bar. ive tried switching the homescreen in the settings but when i press the x to close the tab to exit the browser it goes to about blank page again.

ive only had it a couple of weeks and im sure that before if i closed the tab it would exit the browser and back to the tablet homescreen. now i cant close the last tab because of the 'about blank' thing so i exit browser by pressing back button on the bottom left of the tablet.

has anyone else had the same thing hapen??

im sure it wasnt like this before. thanks for any help
You are not imagining things, with the last firmware update this behaviour appeared, as far as I can tell. I really don't often use the stock Android browser anyway, but it is curious.

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Thanks for your reply. i hope youre right,i did update it from 4.0.4. To 4.1.1. not long beforethis happened but ive been googling ''about blank' and found afew old links to posts saying people had this problem on old o.s. and they said that its spyware/malware/adware designed to redirect you to adverts. Nothing peeculiar seems to happen once i start browsing but its bugging me cos i cant get rid of it and im also worried ive picked up a virus and my bank details etc might be at risk.
No worry about a virus, of few other people reported the behaviour as well directly after updating firmware. I first noticed it in a late build of ICS.

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thanks. id feel a bit better if anybody else had encountered this but I dont seem to be finding out much about it. will this 'problem' be isolated to my stock browser? ive found a lot of old posts from pc owners that claim its anything from adware/spyware/malware that just wants to redirect you to adverts/shopping sites to something worse that can copy your bank/card details.

I was really loving my android tablet up until friday night when I updated it and now im not so sure.
This is just the stock browser, I use Opera mostly anyway, and people on this forum have also mentioned the behaviour in various threads, so really no worry.

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