About to buy my first tablet, consider Nvidia Shield - advice?


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Oct 20, 2014
Hey all!

So at long last, I am about to invest in a new tablet. I am quite certain that the tablet for me is the Nvidia Shield, but I want to run a few things by you guys first. ot!

Anyways, I need this tablet for a few things.

1. College - note taking, editing/starting documents in Word, ect. I know I will need a keyboard for this, and I figure the tablet version of Office for android is sufficient for this purpose. I think I'm going to invest in a cheapish keyboard, like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Anker%C2%AE-Bluetooth-Ultra-Slim-... or this one: http://www.amazon.com/Hype-Ultra-Slim-Bluetooth-Wireles...

2. Game streaming - I own a gaming computer with a GTX 770. I wish to be able to steam my PC games anywhere in the house. First question: Do I have to buy the special Nvidia gamepad, or can I synch my Dual Shock 3 instead? Second: I do not own a 5GHZ router, which is supposedly required. Are there any cheap 5GHz routers that will do the trick? Also, currently I am using an Xfinity ARRIS TG862 router from Comcast (who provides my internet). Can I just sell this thing and buy a better one, or does Comcast require you to use their own router?

Also, how does the Shields streaming service compare to the PC streaming apps available for Android?

3. GPS - Do you need a data plan in order to use GPS? I do not want to buy an unlocked shield for a hefty $100 more.

4. Audio recording - I am a amateur musician, and I'd like to use my tablet to record sounds/instruments for software like Ableton and Reason. I'm not terribly picky about quality, but I do have standards. How is the audio recording quality on the Shield? How can I determine the recording quality on tablets in general?

5. I am considering buying this thing unlocked (an extra $100) and using it as a phone. The alternative is to buy a cheap unlocked phone (maybe an Iphone3GS, around $60 used on Ebay). Is it worth it, or should I buy a phone separately? Is phone service generally cheaper for tablets?

Given my needs, is the Shield the best choice of tablet? Or should I look into others? Mind you, the game streaming feature is the only thing that really sets it apart from others. Is it worth the extra cash, or can other tablets stream games just fine via game streaming apps?

Also, I am worried that Nvidia is going to release a newer model soon. Should this be a concern? Should I wait until the next version?

Is the Shield worth the money ($300)? Or are there other tablets that do the gaming thing just as well at a lower price?

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