Accessing Pictures From My Digital Camera


Jan 30, 2011
Hi, I recently bought my first tablet. I believe it is an Apad, the model designation is MHK-802. It has an 8" screen, Android 2.2 and 4 gig ram.

What I can't seem to do is access files from my digital camera. The unit comes with an adapter which allows you to plug in USB devices but doesn't seem to see the camera.

Is there a fix for this? An app?

Thanks in advance.
Yeah, I can do that but the idea is to leave the computer at home and take the more portable tablet away on trips with me. I want to be able upload pics and update my blog on the road.
I am also frustrated because I want to use the smaller tablet for traveling and, not have to bring a laptop along just to transfer pics. There must be a tablet on the market that allows you to upload photos directly from a digital camera. Does anybody know of one?