ad hoc and wifi error after updates


May 3, 2011
Hi All,

I tried to find another thread with this issue, but I haven't seen it out there.

I can't use ad hoc networking after the more recent updates.

Prior to the HC3.1 update, or possibly the 141.10 Acer update, I had rooted my tablet and replaced the wpa_supplicant file with the one from xda developers site, enabling ad hoc networking. I put the old file back for all the updates. When I put the ad hoc file back in the \system\bin folder, I just got an error message on the wifi settings page. So, I have put the old wpa_supplicant file back, and wifi works fine, but now I have no ad hoc ability.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a new work-around for ad hoc networking since the more recent updates?

Thanks in advance.