How to connect/use Ad-Hoc network using my Sony Tablet S


Dec 1, 2011
As you know the Sony Tablet S and Android are not compatible using Ad Hoc networks.
I know there is some patch. Here i was reading: » Ad-hoc Wifi in Android
the WifiManager in stock Android ignores ad-hoc networks. There are a couple ways around this:
  • One is to modify the Android framework to support ad-hoc networks (I recall seeing some custom ROM for Samsung Moment that had this).
  • Another is to manually configure the wpa_supplicant to connect to an ad-hoc network.
  • Yet another one is to patch the wpa_supplicant to pretend that ad-hoc networks are regular access points.
What thing i must do for have ad-hoc support in wpa_supplicant

I have been reading if you fail doing it your Wifi could be disabled and damaged
must root and replace wpa_supplicant in /system/bin with one that will work for the sony

Any suggestions on where to find one for sony? I google search had lots of hits but after spending an hour skimming through a bunch of hits, it might be faster to just ask :)

This adhoc wifi problem really blows.

Thanks in advance.