Advice for ARCHOS Arnova 9 G2 Music question, from a neebie!


Jul 9, 2012
I'm thinking of buying a
[h=1]ARCHOS Arnova 9 G2 HD Tablet PC - 8GB[/h]I have a question I hope you can all help with. I want to buy this unit to only run music. I want to mount it on my wall as a kinda juke box
To be just running all my music files as a touch screen jukebox.
but here is the question!! I hope you can shed some light as the usual outlets really are no help!

Can you, for example, plug an external HD into the tablet, in this case a powered 120G drive that would have all my audio on.
Then, operate a music program ( i-tunes of the android equiv) that would read from the drive and recognise it as a perminant drive?
So I could operate it with searches etc as if it was on the tablet with no issues, or would this not be possible?

I hope this makes sense and you can offer advice if this would work!

Many thanks,Paul