Amazon shipping my Archos 70 early!


Dec 9, 2010
Woooo! I ordered when I saw it posted on here, but it was backordered and said it would be delivered *after* December 25. Low and behold, it shipped yesterday with two day shipping. I even switched to free super-saver shipping and they are sending it two-day at no extra charge. I did wait to order it when the price went back down to $277, so thanks to whomever posted that it was lower when they had it in stock earlier. I guess they decided to re-list at the $277 price and not the $330+ one.

Anyway, wooooo!...just wanted to share my excitement!!!!!

I hope others are getting their's early as well.
good for you! do you already have the 2.2 update & google apps apk files downloaded and waiting, along with neatly named ebooks, perfectly tagged music collection and a list of apps/games you're planning to get?
LOL, no, I got nothing. I've never owned an Android anything but I'm looking forward to figuring out how the heck to use it. About the only thing I do know is that I want to update to 2.2 and that's about it. Hopefully not too steep of a learning curve.