Ampe A10 dual core 1,2 Ghz, GPS questions


Nov 24, 2012
Hi there,

I have some issues with my new Ampe A10 dual core.

the specs say the following:

android 4.0.4

Processor Speed 1.2GHz

Hard Drive Capacity 4GB

Extended Memory Support external TF card extend up to 32GB

Front Camera

0.3 MP

Rear Camera

2.0 MP

1 x Micro USB Interface


1 x Earphone Jack

1 x TF Card Slot

1 x MIC Jack

1 x Reset Jack

1 x SIM card Slot

Built-in stereo loud speaker

I have a 16GB SD card installed.
When i look at the properties i see the following:

intern memory 1,32 GB
SD card 1,76 GB
USB memory 14,84 GB

# 1:
I seems that i only have 1,32 GB instead of 4 GB and my 16GB SD card is a 14.84GB USB memory? And what about the 1,76 GB sd card is this some of my internal memory?

app 2 SD APP say internal 1,32 GB, external 1,76GB en vast 1,32 GB

Can i copy and use apps from my USB memory (= sd card)?

# 2:
The 2MP rear and 0.3MP front camera both make a 480x640 pix picture and settings picture quality: super fine en size: VGA (max/best settings)

should i use other software/firmwhare to use the full 2MP of the cam or is this just it?

# 3:
cpu should be dual core 1,2 ghz but i benchmark-ted it at 1008Mhz so can i overclock it to 1200Mhz?


The stereo speakers are both on the left (short) side when im holding the tablet horizontal and thats not very handy for stereo speakers to be both on one side?!

So are the specs on ebay just to good to be true ore am i using not the right software/firmware?
I'm still confused
I read things about the 4GB internal memory is split up and some of it is called SD card memory. The micro SD card is called USB memory so when i'm using app2SD its transferring data from internal memory to my internal SD card device what is basically some of my total 4 GB memory. How can i use my micro SD card as part of my memory usable for playing aps.
1. your internal memory is partitioned for apps and mass storage. just leave it be and use your external card for music and files. apps2sd is a part of ics now so dont use 3rd party apps or it may start to suck lol
2. cam prob sux try ics camera off the market if you want to try something else.
3. core1 = cpu core 2 = gpu. they add frequencys together to get 1.2ghz. oc only to 1.1ghz safely. 1.2 will kill it prob
lol stereo speakers on one side:) your files are fine they just embelish the hell out of the specs. thats what you get with china tabs lol:)
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