How to Upgrade Firmware


Dec 16, 2012
Hey guys i have a Curtis proscan plt1044 tablet I need help tp update the firmware with a new factory one And i need to know how to install the new firmware . Haveing internet connection issues.. Or if there is a better firmware for this tablet that will perform better than the new firmware specs are listed below ... Any help would be great on how to do the procedure of firmware instalation Thank you very much


10.1 inch screen
front camera
os/ Android 4.0.4
super 3d gpu
nand flash 4gb
expandable 32gb
processor boxchip A10
1 GB ddr3 ram
capacitive touch screen
display resolution 1024 x 600
hdmi , 1080p
two mini usb ports
mini sd/tf card slot


Oct 29, 2012
I have the plt8031 and it was easy for me. I just unzipped the folder on my computer, used the cable to send it to the sdcard and the system saw the file and asked if I wanted to update. It did the update. Upon reboot it asked if I wanted to delete the image file and I said yes.

With the lack of support from proscan, I have no idea what was updated. I have already seen the wi-fi issue still exists.


Dec 16, 2012
I downloaded the file unzipped it. , it has a .bin file and a program called think live suit what did you copy to your SD card . The bin file only or the other stuff on the micro SD card . I tried the bin file to a micro SD card formatted f at 32 it won't find it. . Can you give me more detail please. Thanks for helping me out. And yea the WiFi is very low with this r/c beta bin it came with


Oct 29, 2012
Our units have different processors and apparently that makes a difference.

I just downloaded the firmware for yours too look at the zip, mainly to see if there is something there I can use. My firmware was just a disc image which the unit recognized as a firmware update. Apparently a disc image is also in that one (m1006 20121106). However being your processor is different than mine I guess you should go with the program to install the firmware from your computer, and it seems this was written for windows.

Open the file named LiveSuiteEN and that seems to give directions for both the install on the computer an then actual firmware update.


Jan 27, 2013
I just went around and around with this ProScan PLT 8031 firmware upgrade. I finally realized it had to be in the root folder of the SD card. I had previously buried it in a sub-folder. Once I copied it directly to the SD card and not another folder, the system recognized it as noted above. Then it came up with "Recovery system 4.00,,,,finding update package,,,etc." and basically installed itself.

THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ANDROID 2.2 USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I found it here and it at least gave me a good idea of how to proceed for us newbies. Craig Electronics Inc..
I hope this helps someone.
You guys are GREAT. Thanks much.

[FONT=&amp]Android 2.2Firmware Installation Guide[/FONT]
Please follow installation procedures as below to updateyour Tablet.

Items needed:
-Micro SD card
- Tablet USB cord
-Tablet wall adapter/charger

1. Log onto our websiteat ( the model number of your unit in the product search bar.

2. The Search Resultwindow will appear please click on (Details) this will prompt you to theProduct window.

3. Product window scrolldown to Android 2.2 and select (Download) the File Download window will appear.

4. Please select (Save)at the (save in bar) please select the arrow key and save file in (Desktop)Recommended.

5. Once firmware is on the desktop of computer or laptopunzip file (right click select extract here) you must have WINRAR or any othercompressing utility which can decompress RAR file. Once you extract it, lookfor “update.img” filename inside the folder created.

6. Connect your tablet with USB cord to PC or laptop with SD card inserted inthe tablet. On the tablet you will need to go to” Setting à USB mode” and uncheck “host mode”the screen will change saying “(USB storage in use) Turn on USB”.

7. Go to My Computer, under (Devices with Removable Storage) you will seeyour 2 new removable storage; they will be the tablet’s internal memory and SDcard. Open oneof the removable storage; if you see “android_secure”, “external_sd”, ”LOST.DIR”,`you are in the internal memory. DO NOT TOUCH THIS FOLDER BACK OUT TODevices with Removable Storage.

8. Selectand Right click Removable Disk () or SD card and select format (by formattingthe SD card you will be erasing everything on the SD card) before clickingSTART make sure that Quick Format is unchecked.

9. OnceSD card is formatted you will have to go to desktop open the folder cmp738_firm ware2.2 and right click to copy update.img file and paste into formatted SDcard.

10. Select (turn off USB Storage) fromthe tablet. Plug tablet to wall Charger/adapter. NOTE: Leaving the USB cord; it will help toprovide more power to the table during the firmware upgrade process.

11. Unmount SD Card by going back tosetting and selecting SD card & device storage from Tablet. Once SD card isUnmount turn OFF tablet and back ON.

12. When the tablet is ON and in thedesktop page insert the SD card into the tablet and a pop up window withmessage “Firmware Updating” will appear in the screen

13. Tap the “Install” button on the screen to start.

14. Wait until the unit finished automatically. Itneeds approximate 5 minutes. Before you remove MicroSD card, go to setting and “Unmount” it so that you can use firmware again ifyou so require.

15. Now, it is finished.
[FONT=&amp]NOTE: During firmware update the unit must be plugged into walloutlet charger/adapter; otherwise, firmware will be “corrupted” if losebattery power during updating.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]IMPORTANT: [/FONT][FONT=&amp]Firmware update/reinstallwill wipe out any software or information installed to unit after initialstartup[/FONT]
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