andriod mid tablet pc internet help !!


Jul 8, 2011
hiya everyone so ive not long since received my new andriod tablet, all it says on the box is MID tablet pc all it says on the box is

CPU : ARM processor
OS: Google Android
Screen Size 7 inch digital touch pannel
WIFI 802.11 b/g/n

i think the operating system is version 1.6

im having a problem that its connecting the the internet and its coming up that the wireless has a signal however it is saying that the webpage is not available i have tried about 10 websites and it says the same on all of them.. im not sure what to do please help ! if this isnt in the right section could someone please point me to the right one as im new here and wasnt sure where is should go.

also if anyone knows how i could update to version 3.0 or a bit higher than the one id appreciate that too

thanks in advance