Android 2.2 Tab sub $250


Jan 7, 2011
im looking for a tab running 2.2 with a quick processor and other decent specs, preferbally with a capactive screen, the main uses of the tab would browsing and playing games if this helps chosing in any way. i have read a number of threads including the stickied buying guide however i have been unable to find a definitive answer on any of them.

for sub 250 i know this is a lot to ask for but i was hoping the forum could help, currently i am looking at
Wholesale Specials,8"inch tablet pc,Samsung S5PV210 ARM CortexTM A8 Android 2.2 OS
Wirelession Electronics Ltd.
Android 2.2 OS 512 RAM with Freescale iMX515 Cortex A8 Processor Tablet PC M8003
Herotab MID816 Android 2.2 Flash 10.1 1.2GHz Gsensor HDMI

any thoughts and coments would be appreciated espicially by people who own one! the Huawei S7 seems to mentioned as a good one, though i can't find any links :confused:

and finally i do live in the uk so delivery below $40 would be a bargain however please recomend only reliable sites;)

i know this seems a lot for a first post and my requirments are very specific so i would be most grateful to anyone who helped!