Android 3.0 Tablets Possible by the End of the Year


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Dec 22, 2009

Some of the recent rumors about the Acer and Motorola Android Tablets suggested that we might see them as soon as this fall and running Froyo. But why hurry to market when there is a newer version of the Android OS looming on the horizon? Especially one that supports higher-resolution screens, something very appealing to any tablet manufacturer!

Well, it sounds like Acer and Motorola are from the same school of thought and even though they might have to push release dates back, there is a good chance that when we do see these Tablets they will be running Android 3.0 or better known as Gingerbread.

All we know is, we're going to keep our Christmas list open just in case one of these bad boys gets released just before the holiday season!

Android 2.2 officially supports only up to 854x480, leaving design manufacturers struggling to produce devices with screens larger than 7-8" at a resolution of 800x480, as are most common in the Android tablet market today. The design screen size for Android devices is only officially up to 4.0".

While there have been non-standardized implementations of older versions of Android on larger screen resolutions, such devices will never see specialized application support until Google implements it into Android 3.0, which will certainly be ready for higher resolution displays beyond the usual exciting features added to newer versions of Android.

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Aug 23, 2010
Think its a good thing manufacturers are waiting for the next Android version to support higher res.
On the other hand, while the iPad is now available like everywhere, Android is far behind on decent tablet with specs that can handle smooth HD video, flash and games..
Realy hope to see some good harware and maybe Android 2.3/3 by Christmas??