Android google crash with opera browser???


Jan 31, 2011
Hi guys, I came over here to ask you a few questions. I just bought my tablet working under android "google" 2.1, nice one is a chinese brand aoson (it's in chinese BTW I'm living in China) however I got it because I've found that the features of this model M98 are quite impressive (not because the hardware: RK2818, 256RAM, 7", 6 Hrs. battery with WIFI on, USB 2.0, option for external 3G (it does really works??) both side speakers (it can be better) 2MPx cam, scroll ball, and extra buttons and the best touch screen that I've found after apple devices believe me I know what I'm talking about I've been trough HTC, SAMSUNG, NOKIA, Motorola and blab bla I think all these are standard features) because of the sortware apps. I must admit that chinese are quite good doing this stuff this one it's really faster working with several email accounts in real time, it can hold til 17 functions at the same time and shift between them without any problem and still download your favourite music, also they provide a new app, where you can watch satellital TV in real time for free, download music for free (I quite don't agree with it but still cool), and watch videos online faster when I'm even surfing from computers or some other device. It also comes with all the numbers and kernel codes, someone told me its important.

However I'm just familiarizing you guys with the product, I was almost convinced that I made a right choice until I dare to install Opera and flash viewer, the flash never worked and when I was looking for install Opera it doesn't work as well, finally it crased out with opera mini, all the google apps stop working and sent me to the initial menu (where I can choose within mobile version or tablet android version I've found it's useful to carry contact list and agenda synchronized with email contacts just lucky) however now it doesn't works at all, I just can reach the home menu and that's it, the system crashes but all my gadgets load without problem is just like I can't get through because after the warning send me back to the home menu.

Due all this began since I've successfully installed opera I think that's the reason. I got all the software from the store so I think its reliable. Anyone have any experience with this issue?? I was looking for it all over the forums but it seems that this brand never reached overseas markets (hahaah I was asking too much).

Now I'm planning to install android 2.2 when I figure out how... If any suggestion I'm all ears! I'm absolutely new in this field!