Android mini netbook/ Laptop 7" WIFI 2GB HD CPU: VIA 8505 error pops up "FormatVolume


Oct 25, 2010
I tried to replace WinCE on Android but something went wrong. I was looking for googlach solutions but none of them does not help. .. wants to go back to WinCE 6.0 or install the Android ... how far I could go back to the factory settings in which there is a truncated version of the OS (all in Chinese, no wifi, etc) I think the problem is that when you install WinCE 6.0 system
getting ready to fomratu Flash Disk error pops up "FormatVolume () fails" and "System Disk existed no"
Does anyone have any solution? [COLOR = "Red"]
I use to flash rom from Welcome to EZBookPC - The Most Affordable Netbook and ... no answer.
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