android noob looking to learn


Jan 4, 2013
I hang out over on WPCentral with my HTC Titan. Looking to get into Android as I think it has come a long way and is looking better every day. I am starting with cheap chinese tablets. Just picked one up the other day and starting to learn my way around android. Not as bad as some have made it out to be. Is much more involved than my other mobile OS experiences though. I started on iOS and moved up to WP. My WP experience and iOS experience were top notch. My hardware experience on WP has left me wanting as I get no support from HTC. I have marked them off my list for follow up mobile devices for the foreseeable future. This is part of the reason I have started looking to Android. No real standouts in the WP8 handsets in my opinion. L920 has proven to be pretty buggy for most. HTC 8x is bland in my opinion and really has no features above any other standard phone. The Samsung Ativ-s is my favorite of this round of WP, but my upgrade is not open for another 6 months.

Anyway, just saying hey.
Hey back, and welcome to the forum. Lots to learn and find out about re: Android and tablets. Much of it will come from looking through the forum. Any questions, fire away.
Hi power5, welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us here at Android Tablets.