Dec 7, 2010
When i start up my tablet I am getting the error:

The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again and then a button to force close.

I noticed this was causing issues if I tried to play music so I uninstalled all the music players I had except the base music player that Huawei had on the tablet. When i try and open the music player I get this error as well and when I try and open a MP3 from the file explorer as well. All my movies play fine on RockPlayer.

Any idea to fix this short of reloading the base ROM on this?
Kev, did that fix your problem? I have the force close thing after installing two games yesterdays. I can't get the market to work correctly.
I was at the point where my market would not work either and could not get a cache cleaner to put on my tablet. I had to end up reflashing the ROM. I got a cache cleaner put on my tablet after that and I have not had any problems since then...knock on wood.
I reflashed the ROM and will start over. It looks like I'll have to reroot? Is that correct? or is there a shortcut?
Well it sounds like more of a media scanner issue, which is affected by what is stored on your sdcard and internal memory...

Try Settings > Manage Applications > Media Storage > Clear Data
Thanks xaueious. I don't see Media Storage though. I have Applications > Manange Applications, but nothing about media storage there. And nothing about clearing data under SD Card and Tablet Storage. Maybe I need to backup both internal storage and the SD card, then format both?
You have to press menu, then choose Filter to show all apps. Not sure if this is going to work for sure though.

Yes, that worked. Didn't know about that little trick :D. Clearing data will erase what's stored on both? Correct?
That is good news, mine was bad enough that it would not let me do anything because of the errors. At first I could have done it, but it got to the point that closing the errors was all that I could do. To answer the earlier question if you flash a new ROM you will have to re-root the tablet, everything will be like just turning it on for the first time.
Yes, I flashed the rom, backed up the data from both internal and SD storage, formatted both. Will root it again tonight and start reinstalling software. But good to know about clearing the data (if it happens again). Thanks everyone for the help!!