Android puppy here.


Nov 27, 2011
Don't you hate it when you buy one great piece of equipment and then because it's not 'perfect' you purchase a different brand and hope like heck you remember to return at least one of the units in time for a refund ?

Naaa, me neither :)

Short story long, I've had the Asus Transformer ( w/o dock ) for a week or so. It's my very first Android anything so I have a lot to learn but it's been fairly easy sailing, so far. I *am* loving it !

My biggest problem at present is the one thing about the Transformer that I'm very unhappy with - the sound. Were it not for that issue I'd be extremely happy with the unit.

I purchased a tablet mainly for entertainment purposes - videos are what my Asus just doesn't cut it with - the visuals are outstanding however I simply can not enjoy any of them unless I plug in some headphones - the volume through the unit's speakers is just not loud enough for me to hear everything properly. I didn't expect anything even remotely hi-fi sounding but I did expect the volume level to be sufficient and unless my unit is faulty in this area it just doesn't work for me.

Thus, I've ordered an Acer Iconia A500 which should arrive within 2 days - might anyone be able to give me some feedback between the 2 different tablets ?

I do want the USB on tab that the Asus does not have and that's another reason I'm hoping the Acer solves my problems.

However wow, I truly love the Transformer - it's a beauty and except for the sound volume it's a keeper.

I'd sure love to learn anything and everything from anybody !

Thanks for reading, it's great to be here. :)
Hi, welcome to Android Tablets. You've got a tough decision to make, both are really nice tablets and I think it's going to come down to which one you personally like the best. Hopefully, you'll have enough time to play with them side by side and see which you prefer before your deadline for returning one comes up. I've got a feeling that one of them will just "feel" better to you and your decision will be made. Good luck!
Hi IamIsaid, welcome to the board. There are a lot of helpful people here and all kinds of valuable info on the two tabs you're trying to decide between. I think like Spider says though, you'll find one feels better to you then the other and that will be the deciding factor. Hope once the A500 gets to you it's an easy choice. :D