Greetings from a new Android user


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Apr 16, 2012
Hello all,

I'm Jackie from Minnesota, USA. I'm an old-timer where the digital world is concerned (if you remember Commodore 64 computers, 1200 baud modems and BBSes... yeah, I was there). Now that portable technology is so much cooler and cheaper, I decided to get a portable device with a decent screen size to watch movies, download e-books and audio books, and to assist me in the field with my amateur astronomy group. Apple devices were not an option for me because I am a Linux user and I thought an Android device would be more suited to my nature anyway. I researched Android tablets and after many weeks worth of reading reviews and talking to tablet owners, I finally purchased an Asus eee Pad Transformer yesterday (4/15/12). I absolutely love it! It's got everything I want/need in a tablet. It was so easy to set up and configure (I'm used to doing things the hard way) and I have already spent hours in the Play Store just browsing for stuff that interests me. So yeah, I'm a happy new Android user and hope to learn useful Android tips, tricks and fixes now that I'm here.


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Mar 16, 2011
Great introduction Jackie and welcome to the site! Good to have you with us! :D


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Mar 24, 2011
Hi Jackie, congratulations on your new Transformer and welcome to the forum. If/when you have a problem or a question, the Asus Tablets forum would be the place to go. Just click that link and you'll be there. As Wicked said, "Great introduction Jackie".