Android tablet 2.2 CANT connect to Wi-Fi !!


Dec 26, 2010
i have entered the details of my internet wep key onto the tablet but when i press "connect" its scans for a while and then says "disconnected"! i dont know why it is doing this its brand new.
what am i doing wrong?
Hi, did you get any answers? Because i have the same problem, please let me kno if you get any helpfull tips.thankyou =)
Two things come to mind,
1. Check to make sure you entered your key correctly, if not, it appears its trying to connect, but all its doing is sending the wrong authentication key you entered till timeout happens.
2.Try clearing your settings for your WiFi back to default and try again. There might be something entered wrong that is being overlooked.

Also, you say you are using 2.2 I am on the Honeycomb 3.1 and dont have connection issues at all (i do having STAYING connected issues with web browsers though) Is there a way you could update from 2.2 to something more recent? Perhaps if you could update the OS the WEP issues you are experiencing may disappear. Just a thought...

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Have same problem no connection. running Netgear WGR614v6 b&g and android v2 on a pandigital &' media tablet . screen on pandigital showes and password applied but it disconnect. I was told I need a new router as it is not N Any help will be appreciate Thanks
If you enter wrong key, it won't notify you that the key is invalid and will try to connect. So it might be wrong key you are entering.
I have a MID 7" and have the same problem. I have a "Bilion VoIP ADSL router - please any help would be appreciated....this is doing my head in!!!
Did you fix your wifi connection problems, if so how did you do it? I cany get my head around it at all and ready throw it in the bin