Android tablet with minimum 10" screen AND 3G, anyone?


Sep 26, 2010
I'm looking for a tablet with Android. The main requirements I have is that it should be at least 10" screen and have 3G. Unfortunately, it seems almost impossible to find.

The only almost right, I've found is WeTab from Germany. It has a 11.3 "and have 3G as an option. Unfortunately, it does not run the 'real' Android but some Linux variant.

Anyone know where I can get a 10" or larger with 3G?
Not many at all support 3G. Search for the Galaxy Tab. That might be what you want.
Thanks! It seems to be out of stock in all places I looked however. Quite high price as well...

I have a ongoing project where I eventually would need around 200 pcs..
Yes... :D So I would like to keep the investment a bit lower really.. If I look at 10" pads without 3G there is the ZT-180 at less than 200 USD
android OS 2.1 10.2" aPad tablet MID zenithink zt 180
So in that perspective the Galaxy is too expensive..

A 10 inch Android tablet with capacitive touchscreen, Cortex A8 CPU and built-in 3G is expected to be released in China in Oct. Hang in there.

p.s. The zt180 has been exposed to actually carry the slower ARM11 processor rather than the Cortex A8 as claimed.