Android to Canon PIXMA MG3150 printing problems


Jun 25, 2013
Can anyone advise me as to how I can get my Samsung Note 10.1 to print with the Canon PIXMA MG1350 Wi-Fi printer - I was sold this printer by Argos as advised by their sales assistant that it would work. I cannot get it to work. I have visited the play store and downloaded a couple of apps, but it seems they are fine if you want to just print photographs but not if you want to print spreed sheets or letters, etc. I use Kingsoft, which is a free version similar to Microsoft office. Any advise would be very grateful as I'm not uptodate with the latest technology and am learning something new all the time. Many thanks Ann


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Dec 27, 2011
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Many pf the printer companies havbe their own apps but as you pointed out they can for the most part only do photos, though some of the HP apps can do more. There is an app called PrinterShare that works well. It isn't free but there is a free test only version you can install to see if it will work. Chances are that if you are printing using WiFi or the printer is a share on your network it will work just fine.