Android to Internet with USB dongle


Sep 23, 2011
I have a 7" Rena3,Tablet,dual-core with Android Froyo 2.2 and cant get a Huawei 3G WCDMA USB dongle to connect to Internet?Is there software I can download?
The tablet knows the modem is there,with lights flashing as set-up says,but cant make final connection!Driers are built-in for PC & Mac,but not Android.Can anyone help
3G router along with USB 3G dongle will generate WiFi signal. Initially it need to be configured. I have done the same way for Tata photon. This device is powered by battery or 230 v AC and cost from 2500 to 3000/-(INR)
Thanks guys,I am not having a problem using Tablet at home using WiFi.It is only when I have it in car or visiting and want to show someone,or perhaps call someone out of town on Skype!