Any good Android tablets coming down the pipeline?


Sep 12, 2010
I'm on the Verizon network and was considering the Galaxy Tab until I found that it will have a monthly fee to it. Which I can't afford.
So I'm hoping to find something aroung $200 - $250 for an Android tablet. I would like a 7" but would consider a 5". Don't really want a 10" but open to that if the features and price were right.
I would mainly be using it for reading books and internet surfing when not near a computer. I also would like to use it for my google map navigation. I have a HTC Incredible and could pair them via bluetooth. Don't really want to tether them if I don't have to as that is another $15 a month but would do that if that was my only option. Would also like a SD slot to expand my memory as needed. It would be great if it has at the very least 1 GB on board but prefer 8GB or more.
Any thoughts on what tablet would fit my requirements?


Oct 6, 2010
7 inch
support gps or google map navigation
support bluetooth
sd card slot

A81 E or SmartQ V7


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Jul 9, 2010
Get real branded ones if you can't figure it out, because at least you can return it when you don't like it. If you are more tech savvy than most, an order from China is very fulfilling.
TCC8902 based devices are pretty fun right now, especially for video playback.

Otherwise, the Cortex A8 variants from China will be a bit cheaper than the branded ones.

Finally, RK2818 tablets will be the emerging low-end Android tablet platform for the next half a year starting early next month.


Oct 7, 2010
Well, based on the features you mentioned above, these following two models might meet your needs.

ARM cortex A8 Android 2.2 Tablet
VIA 7" Touch Screen Google Android 2.0 Tablet http://www.***************/cheapest...h-screen-google-android-20-tablet-p-1403.html
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