Any Help would be awesome


Dec 23, 2010
Hello all
i just received a fly clone (generic apad) with the via 8505 cpu
and the via 8105 main board
128mb ram
front cam
i installed a custom rom and got a boot loop. i took it to a friends house and he decided to turn it on with my script sd still in the slot i dont know if it even got past the update will start in 7 seconds before he freaked out and turned it off by long pressing the power button now i have a brand new brick all that will happen is the green led will turn on and stay on with the screen black until the bat dies i plug it in and it will charge and thats all she wrote

is there a way to repair this i have many android phones so i can use tools like rsd or oden but i cant seem to find one for this chip set only for the rk any help would be awesome feel free to email pm or just post here my gf is going to kill me if i cant get this thing working again

I attached some pictures of my device just in case i have identified it wrong thanks again

Thanks again
Sorry my first post is asking for help