Any way to reinsall the native 'Email' app on my tablet?


Mar 17, 2013
I installed the K-9 email app on my tablet. It seemed like the native app (titled 'Email') was causing some syncing problems, so I disabled it, or so I thought. When I realized that the syncing issue was probably not related to the Email app, I went to reactivate it, but I could not find it anywhere; I looked in Settings > Apps > All, but didn't find it.

I'm not sure what happened, though I'm pretty darn sure I didn't uninstall the app (someone on another thread said you can't uninstall the native Android/Google-supplied apps only disable them)

So can anyone take a stab and telling me what may have happened here? And how I might be able to get the app reinstalled on my Tablet.

As an aside, there are some things that I really like about K-9 email app over the native one, mostly that it has a 'select all' feature, so I can more easily select emails in the Trash folder to delete them. The native app only let you select emails one at a time--even in the Trash and Spam folders--which was a royal pain in the toosh. One downside to K-9 is it doesn't seem that the Trash folder is synced up to the Trash folder on my ISP's server. I can delete emails in the trash folder in K-9, but they are still waiting there for me when I view them back on my PC in either webmail or in Thunderbird. Not sure why this is happening, but it only seems to be true for the Trash folder.

As another aside, even though I can't find the 'Email' app, I did see one called "exchange services." Can anyone tell me what this does?

Best, David
When you are in Settings > Apps > All, you should be able to slide over one more screen to the right, and that's the disabled list. Your disabled apps will all show up there. You can also see disabled apps in the Play Store app, under the All list after you select the downloads button to check for app updates.

For your POP email services, you have to configure the client to specify deletion of messages from the server upon deletion from the client, or messages will persist on the server indefinitely.

Exchange services refer to a service providing support for Microsoft Exchange email, which is used by some corporations and schools.
If you did disable it it's possible the app would appear all the way at the bottom of the list when you go to settings apps all. I would figure out why the trash is acting that way and stick with K-9, but that's just me.
If you did disable it i. s possible the app would appear all the way at the bottom of the list when you go to settings apps all...
The OP has a Nexus 7, so what I wrote above is correct for this problem.

Disabled apps on the Nexus are not in the All list, but in a separate Disabled list to the right of the All list. I don't recall if this was true for 4.2, but it is true for 4.3, which most Nexus 7 tablets are running now. I'm guessing that's why the OP was having difficulty finding the email app.
I second your opinion on keeping K9, which is a great email app. By default, K9 configures POP accounts to leave messages on the server when deleted from the tablet. You can easily change that when you have the POP account open by going into Settings > Account settings > Fetching mail > "When I delete a message"and changing that to ddelete messages from the server.