trying different email apps


Aug 24, 2012
Hi, I've tried the email program installed on my tablet, which was pretty useless. Whenever I checked for new mail, the email that came in previously just disappeared. I read that this has happened to others, but found no solution to it.

Then I opened the Gmail app. This seems to be only useful for a single gmail account.

So I installed K-9 Mail. Entered one of my gmail addresses and password and bingo. All the mail collected. But that's all I am left with. A list of emails — that's it. No option other than click to open. No inbox, no other folders, no option for setting up more addresses, no settings options - nothing. I can reply, delete or forward, once I open a mail. That's all.

I've read that K-9 was the best free email app going for androids, with loads of options, including a select all option. Can it be that it didn't install correctly? Am I just to daft to find the options?
This is embarrassing. I guess I was so fixed on finding the settings option on the program screen, as it was in the other two email apps I've tried first. Never considered the options menu at the bottom to be connected to the program. I thought that was just the settings button for the tablet.

Thanks for your help leeshor. I know what it looks like, but I'm not a complete idiot, only periodically. Unfortunately, this will be the side of me you’ll see most of, since a newbie’s questions don't usually seem too clever to an old bear ;)
I went one step further and got Kaiten Mail. Looks promising.

It is! If I have any problem with it it's the over abundance of options, some not all that obvious. I'm not one who normally would complain about having lots of options but Kaiten is a killer in that area.
Hi again, many moons later. The tablet is now my wife's, as it happens in all good families.

She did use the little useless 'Email' app that comes preinstalled and was mentioned in the top post. Now there are some mails on it that need to be saved.

Does anybody know what the associated folder is called and where to find it; or how I can get the emails from that app onto her computer?

Tablet: Vida IT Bellatrix II 10.2 Inch 1.5Ghz Android 4.0 4GB Tablet PC 1GB DDR3 RAM
The problem is that you would need to be rooted to access that folder. In the case of the mail I doubt you would be able to use it anyway as the mail usually has a format associated with the app. Send the important ones to the new account. Had it been an IMAP account rather than POP, (just a guess) it might not have been a biog issue.
Thanks leeshore, you guessed right, it's a pop account. I guess that leaves forwarding as the only option.
If there was even a 'forward as attachment' option in the app, it would be doable, but it's a seriously basic app.
With equally serious flaws. If possible set it up as IMAP next time. It really is a better option for mobile devices. Not that it would have helped but there are better mail apps out there than the usual default.
I didn't have any need for mobile email so far, but this imap business made me curious. So I set up an account (in that silly little app) with IMAP on my mobile, but the sent mail from the mobile does not appear in the account when I look at the webmail. I was under the impression that the whole purpose of IMAP was to synchronise the mails on all devices.
If set up correctly it should sync with the sent mail. If not I have no explanation.