Apply a Factory Reset - (Step by Step with Images)

Feb 22, 2012
Thanks for your reply, I appreciate you trying... I've tried to get in touch with the manufacturer and everything, and they've so far been entirely unreachable. Looking forward to hearing back!

This might take a while. I am guessing I need to root it to make a back up image. I am trying to install Android SDK, but it's not seeing the Java.exe version that I have installed and creating an environment variable to "JAVA_HOME" doesn't fix it. :|

I looked at the information for my device and I have the following:

Model Number: SYNET7LP-DS
Android Version: DG2.20
Hardware ID:
Firmware ID: DG2.2.1-7C3.B5


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Dec 5, 2011
Mr cfrockit, My SYNET7LP is history, but it's demise left an odd consequence.
After downloading the 52mb Rar! File to a blank SD, SYNET refused to boot.
I had used a Windows machine to get the file, but Windows could not open it or even reveal the file size.
After days of trying to reboot the SYNET, I bought an IVIEW 2.3
The IVIEW has an inoperative USB port and a keyboard to small for my fingers.
It occured to me that Android 2.3 might be able to verify that the 52mb SYNET file was present on the SD and intact.
Installing the SD into the IVIEW started an installation.
The IVIEW installed 2.2 for about 30 seconds before stopping due to "certificate problems".

The IVIEW has been poor ever since.
The updates for 2.3 will not install. Instead they open into hieroglyphics.
Any ideas?


Sep 29, 2013
the tablet you get this message "No recovery image is found, try recover from SD" but where low recovery image?
and which method should I use to repair it?


Dec 16, 2013
hello there, i got the same model and one day the tablet goes slow and a decided to reset it with the option menu within the os "Factory reset" somthing like that.....
so the tablet´s reset lasted too much and then it started normally, and then another day shows the message "android process stopped" something like that....
soooo since that the pour tablet doesn´t pass the sylvania animated logo:
for hours. and im wondering if there is anything that i can do to recover my tablet? please
thanks and regards



Dec 16, 2013
i have to say that i´ve tryed the combination of buttons for the microSD reading method and as the other guy from the top of thuis thread says the result is no reading the microSD.....


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Aug 21, 2016
Okay, so, as with everyone else, having issues with the tablet. Mine is a Sylvania 7". I held down the POWER and MENU buttons, got the recovery countdown to start, pressed MENU right away, and it gives me the "No recovery image is found, try recover from SD" error message. I'm running Android version 2.2. So, my questions are: Where do I go to get the download(s) for making my 2gbt MSD card into a boot disk, and how do I download the update onto the tablet once the SD card is ready? PLEASE!! Do not give me filler text. I just want step-by-step instructions without all the backstory and garbage that generally goes with these things. Keep is short and simple.