Archos 7B IT Vs Arnova 7 G2


Jan 23, 2012

I recently received an Archos 7b internet tab for xmas. I am very pleased with it but I have been having a problem with the battery draining very quickly, so I took it back to the shop and because they didn't have any more of the same model as mine, they have offered me an Arnova 7 g2 tab instead. From what I have read they appear to be very similar products, though mine comes with 8gb and android 2.2 and the Arnova comes with 4gb and Android 2.3. Currently the Arnova is being held in store for me for a couple of days but I am in 2 minds as to whether I should take it, or just wait for them to get stock in and get a like for like replacement.

I am just wondering if anyone has compared the 2 products and if so what their thoughts are

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments

I think I would stick with the Archos. From what I hear Arnova is the bargain brand Archos. I tried a couple of Arnovas and had some problems. I upgraded to the 10i9G and love it.