Archos g9 80 250gb Turbo


Dec 23, 2010
Hey I just got this thing a day or two ago. I also own the Archos 70 250gb. But there is one thing I have had issues with that plagues both of them. I am not sure if it is Android, youtube, or whatnot. When I download youtube videos as .avi, the sound and video get horribly off-sync. So I tried downloading them as .flv or .mp4 (no conversion options). Most of them play, but I am unable to skip ahead or go back in the video. I pretty much have to let the thing play through. I've tried .mov,ipad H.264 mp4, and the various other download options. I cannot seem to find a file type I can download and have play correctly on either tablet. Or the .avi for one video will play fine on the Archos 70 but not on the Archos g9 80. I cannot make heads or tales of this. Does anybody know if this is an android issue? Or an Archos issue? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (BTW i'm using Android 4.0 with the latest firmware update).