arnova 7g2 keyboard compatibility - Belton


Jan 1, 2012
Hi guys

have just bought the arnova 7g2 and a belton keyboard/case from amazon. Problem: tablet has mini usb, not full female usb port. can connect the PC-connecting line (mini usb at one end, male usb full size at other end) to the tablet (natch) but the keyboard ( has a line coming out of it with a full-size male usb at other end.

Result - two male usb's that obv arent interested in each other.

Solution: bought a female-female usb connector - have connected but it still doesnt work.

further data: have connected the remote keyboard direct to my pc and it works fine, so nothing wrong with the Belton keyboard. cant test the female-female adapter but assume ok as its new.

Poss answer? do i just need an apk ap or driver to get this keyboard working on the 7g2? Or is this keyboard just never going to work with this tab and I've just got to give up and get a keyboard with a female end. OR... maybe I can't use the pc-connector lead and need a special usb-keyboard connector lead. OR maybe another solution:-( ...


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Mar 24, 2011
Hi caissa, welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to become a member. I'm moving your thread to the Android Tablet Q&A section for you to see if anyone there can help out. Good luck!


Jan 2, 2012

using female USB adaptor as bridge between 7G2 and keyboard won't work because Arnova 7G2 has miniUSB connection that seems to work only in SLAVE mode. That means it can work only as external storage with PC. Some other models of Arnova has same miniUSB connector working in both modes, HOST and SLAVE. There are some solutions to this. If you want to use your keyboard attached to PC, but writting on 7G2, then download and install wifikeyboard apk on your tablet ( Downloads - wifikeyboard - Remote keyboard for android - Google Project Hosting ). Also read this

ope this helps..


Jan 16, 2012
I did notice that the latest software upgrade for the 7 G2 mentions the USB port being able to 'see' a 3G dongle now, so at least it's part of the way to HOSTING as it must now be capable of powering and detecting something, but whether that means it's fully implemented is another matter.