Articles with Active Links ...


Jan 14, 2011
Is there an application that I can use with my Archos 70 Internet Tablet that will read articles, and allow for the embedded links to still be active?
Articles in HTML format will work, but I guess you are asking about PDF files. I personally haven't tried this.
I need to keep my thousands of files in several formats now. I do a lot of family history research, and have the files on my MacPro. I've tried loading RTF, TXT, and PDF files to my Archos, which will read the PDF and TXT files, but some apps when reading the TXT files is useless, because the text goes way, way, way, way, way, way, way out to the far right, which makes it impossible to read!!! I've never seen any application that reads like that!

So far, the only way that I can read any of my files on the Archos is PDF. I was hoping that I could read files in either TXT or RTF, so that way when I reading I can make corrections.

I'll keep searching ... There must be something out there. If not, hopefully somebody will develop another application soon ....