At least i could DOWNLOAD !!!

R Yates

Junior Member
Nov 5, 2014
I rooted my Allwinner A33 4.4.2 Softwinner Tablet about 10 days ago. Everthing was looking good, THEN,, i went and had a major brain fart. I could use some help, I DELETED my download Manager. Now i have no way to get updates from Google Play Store. And i have no idea what to do. I have downloaded from the net 6 or 8 Download Managers , none of then will start loading with Play store. Would appreciate help on this, And you will need to be clear as i know nothing yet about Androids. I can biuld a pc, but cant keep from deleting a program, go figure.. Anyway thanks to all,, I have found out a lot in here. Hope to learn more........