AT&T or T-Mobile


Jan 14, 2011
Which one is the better of the two to get the SIM card from AT&T or T-Mobile, or doest it matter? How much do they run in price?

What i would suggest..... im sure you have alot of questions, I would click and read everyone of these postings on this forum and the sub forums.............all of your questions are answered in them. You will learn alot of what is happening and will save you from double , triple or quadruple posting existing posts.
Hi blade- T-mobile is giving people trouble on data- read up on the thread with t-mobile. It is cheaper than att for minutes on pay as you go- no prob with phone working. Data is only edge and tmobile won't let the web day pass of $1.49/unlimited work with this tablet. They are forcing you to the more expensive plans.

Att works phone and data ( I only get edge on this one too but most get 3g). Att data very expensive. Again read up on the threads that deal with att.

You can also swap in your present att sim and if you already have data, it will work.
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