Baby Expected


Nov 30, 2012
Welcome! Pregnancy is a wondrous, exciting and miraculous experience.
Each week of pregnancy brings something new—for you, for your baby and for your partner! Find out how your baby is progressing and what changes to expect in yourself during pregnancy. Watch Beautiful pictures and shopping items, necessary for your newly arriving baby. Also watch demo videos about how to maintain yours and your baby health and fitness during pregnancy and have an easy delivery.
Track your due date, symptoms and compare them to other pregnant moms to see how common they are, share info with your doctor, and keep the info of your doctor and hospital.
· Calculate your due date (if you don’t know).
· Track your symptoms
· Keep your doctor info and hospital info
· Guide to help you during whole pregnancy tenure.
· Track the days remaining before the good moment comes
· A comprehensive diet, exercise and lifestyle plan to enjoy your pregnancy without encountering any problems
· Keep the record of your weight gain
· Watch videos on your health, baby health and fitness during pregnancy tenure
· Watch the Pictures of beautiful babies so that your Mini Me or He turns out to be the same
· See the important things required for newly born baby to avoid any hassle at the last moment

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