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Jul 24, 2010

I've an ePad, which caused me some troubles the last days. The screen got blank after booting, and nothing happened. After installed a new firmware, I was able to sort the problem, logically, all the apps that I've installed were gone.

Now I've installed them again, plus some new ones. I was looking for a way to backup them on the SD or on a USB pendrive, to restore them if this happens again. So, assuming that I have to flash it again (I pray for not do this), I will only have to restore them.

I've found a soft that do this (Titanium Backup), but it's unable to do this, as I need the OS rooted (which I think it's impossible if you can't connect the dispositive to the PC through USB).

So, tl;dr: Is there a way to backup all my apps (and settings), or other software that will do this?


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Jun 30, 2010
yes search app manager i use that on my phone all the time its great, but i dont know if it will work on a tablet but its worth a look


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Nov 10, 2010
if you search for with a "file manager" app on the sd card for folder /download you will find some of the downloaded apps to reinstall

if you use the file manager app "astro" there is a backup capability of all your apps to the sd card i haven't tried the restore yet
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