BB Price Matched my S7 Purchased in November - YMMV


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Dec 4, 2010
I purchased the S7 from BB in late November at regular price. It was technically purchased during the Holiday purchase extended return window (i.e., items purchased between 1 Nov and 23 Dec can be returned until 31 January per the receipt). Took my receipt into BB and they honored the price match to this week's $249.99 sale price. It was processed as a return and repurchase. The beauty of that transaction was that I was able to use some BB reward zone certificates I had so my total discount including the certficates was $75. Your mileage will defintely vary from store to store on this one - I think being a reward zone member helped with this transaction, but the extended Holiday purchase extended return period is not solely a reward zone member perk. BB is still not exactly sure how to deal with this device from a returns standpoint. Worst case 14-day return windows with restocking fees were being encountered early on. It seems that BB has reversed itself on restocking fees but they still don't consider the S7 an unlocked phone so they won't honor discount coupons that apply to unlocked or prepaid phones. Note also that reward zone certificates (which are essentially treated like gift certificates) will always work towards a purchase but that BB will typically not honor reward zone discount coupons except for regularly priced items (so you can't stack a reward zone 10 - 12% off coupon on top of a sale item like the Huawei S7 this week). This info may help some of you early adopters out there, hopefully - but the clock runs out on 31 January (actually 29 January because that's the last day of the S7 sale). Good luck. ;)
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Thanks for your info. I just came back from BB and I got the $50 adjustments. It only took about 10 minutes. Thanks again.
BTW - Store policies or practices vary somewhat from store-to-store because store managers and CSR's have some latitude when its a "gray area" return/price match such as this (hence the YMMV disclaimer). If you are lucky to live in a metropolitan area with nearby access to more than one store, try another store if you are not successful at your first attempt. Keep trying until you exhaust your store options or hit the jackpot. The discount is defintely worth a couple of trips but you may just want to watch the mileage to make sure you are not tipping the scales on gas money (reminds of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Newman figured they could make money by returning empty bottles and cans to Michigan from NY using Newman's US mail truck. Unfortunately, it caught on fire on the way. Oh the I was actually really surprised my store acommodated my price match with little hassle or push back. Good luck.
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Worked for me too!!! I got almost $57 back with tax. Unfortunately, I tried to buy a car charger for my S7 with the proceeds. No love. My BB says they don't carry a car charger for the S7.
poor BB :p i got my tablet in Norway and surprisingly it was about 200dollars it was the last one in stock and i got a discount (lovely)
Thanks for the tip....I just called BBuy since it was an Online purchse and got $50+ credit .....I did not even have to go the store. If there was any buyer's remorse because of the battery, not being 2.2 or the screen... it is gone..
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@vferrari and ufxss- THANK YOU! I called also but was given a semi hard time. Even the supervisor would not budge. I was told they are not honoring the price match because it was outside of the 30 day return period. I had to point out 3 times that the return period for holiday buying was till the end of Jan- the 31st, not 30 days after purchase. Was still denied. When I said I could technically go to the store and physically return and repurchase the item, what was the difference? The CSR agreed with me technically but said she couldn't over ride the system. So I told her I would just have to fight the 20 inches of new snow we just got and fight my way to the store to do just that. All of a sudden she said you don't have to do that, I'll do it for you now. Persistance pays off.

Moral of the story is be nice, and reinforce your points nicely, and stick to your guns nicely. However, I don't have anything in writing so I will follow up tomorrow and update you.
Buzzman I got the following email form Best Buy about an hour after the ph call .
Good luck and be carefull with the snow

Allowance Applied
Order Number :xxxxxxxx

Dear xxxxxxx:

A credit in the amount of $54.25 has been applied to the order you placed on 12/03/2010. You are receiving this credit because of a price difference.

Get more information on this order by checking your order status.

You can also call us toll-free at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) with any questions.

For faster service, tell us the order number when you contact us.

Thank you.
Best Buy Customer Service
Ufxss- I didn't get an email but when I logged in to see the best buy acct I was given credit for $50 to my best buy credit card. I didn't get credit for the $4. in tax but I don't think I'll pursue that. Thanks again for your additional info. ;) Your online tip saved me a trek thru the snow.
well I went to BB today before work and my purchase was 12/26/10, and the Geek squad dipwad that was there started saying nope cant do the price match because that ended 2 days ago. I quickly made him feel dumb when i showed him the 30day policy on the back of my receipt , and the fact I was told by the salesperson i had till jan31, and the 14 day policy for desktop notbook computers / cameras and other stuff listed ...... but told him this is none of those..... they insisted it was a notebook computer , when i told him it was a gps / smartphone / wifi / etc etc device he ( Geek Squad) goes " its a phone?" I said you dont know about products you sell? and that your marketing of them does not say it has gps and phone capabilities.... he was schooled, and they promptly gave me my 50 bucks back

50cals 1 BestBuy 0
Yeah 50cals stick it to the Man!

Seriously, you just have to have your wits about you and stick to your guns and you will prevail (provided you have a legit case) because of the sad fact that in general many of the CSR's and floor sales staff really don't know much about the tech they're selling. When in doubt use their own policy words and prescriptive category descriptions in your favor. Also not surprised you got pushback because like I said, BB is not really sure how to categorize this Tab since it has unlocked GSM call capability built-in. I was a little worried when you pointed out that you bought the unit on 26 December (which is outside the purchase window when the extended holiday return policy applies - i.e., not purchased between 1 November and 23 December) but forgot the obvious that it is well within the 30-day return policy window (Reward zone members get a 45 days). Glad it worked out.
thx, ya i may have been out by one day but big deal.......they should be sending out price diff to every customer automatically that bought any item within the time frame when the item now becomes cheaper in price. But that would make too much sense and actually be one of the best company's in the world that show they care about their customers and not 1 day outside, or still inside holiday specials n stuff... I've spent plenty of money with them over the years and they should be more worried about keeping their customers and not denying them whats fair.

Actually they should be teaching their staff more product knowledge LOL
I've spent plenty of money with them over the years and they should be more worried about keeping their customers and not denying them whats fair.

And that's the crux of the issue and probably why the retail sector is crumbling to its knees in this country. Employees and floor managers going out of their way to figure out how to tell a customer how they won't match Walmart's price on a Taylor Swift CD, and for the sake of saving $2 they've probably lost a previously loyal customer for life. I mean, if corporate execs could pull their collective $2Million dollar bonus heads out of their collective arses they could see that their companies are being run into the ground because of greed and stupidity. The customer may or may not be a dispstick, but regardless, these dummies need to realize that the customer is always right!
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