Best [cheap] tablet alarm clock/Chumby-esque device?


Dec 26, 2011
Hi there,

I'm looking to buy a tablet to replace my alarm clock. In short, to put together my own Chumby-clone without having to buy something called "Chumby." I can't find anything on these forums, and Google has NOT been my friend. I'm familiar with the Webby and the newly released Archos 35 (which is way pricey for something that homely).

Thanks for your help and advice! I'm looking for an ideal tablet. And since it's Boxing Day, if you know of any specials worth jumping on, word up!

What I'm figuring is necessary:

* Cheap as h***. As inexpensive as possible. I'm talking less than $100, if possible.
* Reliable. I want something rock solid.
* Android 2.3+ Sure, I've got a Galaxy Nexus, and ICS is purrrrty. But Gingerbread is fine; and
* Capacitive screen. Resistive screens are gross; amirite?
* Wifi. The point of having a Chumb-ish thing is that I can read news on it. And The Verge. And Twitter. Etc.

What's negotiable:

* Video playback. I mean, who doesn't like watching Archer as they fall asleep? ... ... Ok, that might just be me.
* Good speakers. I mean, it's an alarm clock, so I gots to hear it. That said: I can always buy decent external speakers.
* Screen size. I'd like it to be 5"+; but other than that, I'm not so picky.

Here's what I don't care about:

* Weight. I'm not planning on moving it around much.
* Battery life. I don't plan on unplugging the sucker. But if it can survive a blackout, that'd be pretty swell.
* Dock. I can make my own/find my own/probably have something I can use.
* 3G. I mean, um, yeah. I don't need that for this.

I'm no stranger to hacking an Android device (no expert, either -- let's just say I've voided a few warranties in my day, but only by following directions; I'm no developer), so a decent development community would be cool, too.

Thanks again, y'all. Hope to hear some great ideas!!!