Looking for a tablet alarm clock/ip cam viewer for dirt cheap, help!


Sep 1, 2011

I thought about it and it would be awesome to find a dirt cheap tablet and use it as a glorified alarm clock:

1) Alarm clock running app like the Kaloer Clock app. Custom music alarm, weather, etc...

2) I use IP camera's as baby monitors, I use an app on my phone to monitor it, and need it to work on it (the app needs android 1.6+ (tinycam)).

So the requirements are:
* Android 1.6+ (2.1 or 2.2+ preferred tho).
* 7" Screen (for the price, I expect resistive of course).
* Optional: real android market or able to install apps from SDcard (haha).

The cheapest I found was around $57 (including shipping) although their feedback is 91%, the 1ghz cpu + i/o etc seems much on it (since I can't post links here are the details):

Discount Infotmic iMAPx210 Flytouch III 7 inch Google Android 2.2 1GHz Tablet PC
Item Type: Tablet PC
Tablet Data Capacity: 256GB
Screen Size: 7"
Products Status: Stock
Colour: Black#000000
Brand Name: Superpad
Battery Life: 4hours
Processor Manufacture: Infortm
Touch Screen Type: Resistance Screen
Processor Main Frequency: 1GHZ
Memory Capacity: 2GB
Feature: Wifi,3G,HDMI,G Sensor,Camera
Operating System: Android 2.2
Display resolution: 800x480
Weight: 1000g (YIKES hehe)
Model Number: superpad i7
Processor Model: x210
OS: Android 2.2
RAM: 256M
CPU: Infotmic iMAPx210
Output:5V 3.0A

Please let me know what you think of the one I listed and if you can find better around the same price!
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I found another one, except this one is a 10", it's $8 more and have about the same specs. I don't need 10", almost seems too big for the use of it and maybe too good to be true for that price.

10" Superpad 3 x220 Android 2.2 1GHz Tablet PC for $65 shipped.

PS: Both of those have the AliExpress buyer protection (anyone has experience with them?)