Big brother for a Dell Streak 5?


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Jan 21, 2011
I picked up a 5" Streak in May and absolutely LOVE IT! It is my first cell phone (since Rogers now has coverage at my home & the lake) and I LOVE Android OS. I am now in touch and can surf the Web even anchored out on my boat. I can use the WiFi hot spot feature to surf from my 7" Cruz if I don't' feel like reading an eBook. I picked up an Xlink and my cell ties even in to my home phone system so I can make and receive cell calls from all my phones. I am so happy with it I was about to dump my land line when my Streak died last week - complete heart attack! Dell replaced it within the week but I realized I can't dump my land line without having a backup to my cell phone.

Being so happy with the 5" Streak and knowing there is a 7" Streak that can do cell, I figured I would pick up a 7" Streak as my backup and eReader. Being aware that there was both a cell-enabled Streak 7 and a WiFi-only version, I got assurance from the vendor that the Streak 7 offered was the cell-enabled version. It arrived 2 days ago and it isn't - it is the WiFi-only version so it is going back.

So that brings me to my question: What is available in a good quality 7" tablet that does cell and runs Android OS? Some of the ones I have looked at don't have very good reviews :(

A 10" is too big and I want to be able to slip the SIM card out of my Streak and into the 7" tablet if my cell phone dies. WiFi hot spot isn't necessary but would be nice. Kindle is required, non-proprietary apps (true Android) and Canadian support is also important (and hopefully without the "telephone run-around of Dell!). Preferred price $450 or less.

Ideas??? Particularly interested in negative feedback on units to stay away from.