Broken Tablet?


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Feb 28, 2015
Hello! I was playing my game, and my cat decided to walk on my tablet, so I pushed him off, and my tablet flew with him. (I did not harm the cat, unless you count him falling over about 3 seconds afterwards, harm to a cat)
I then picked my tablet up, seeing if it broke, and I saw a greenish-blueish-purpleish line where the home, back, and window buttons were. On the main screen, the game started to fade white, with the corners staying black, after the text on the game I was playing had faded completely, the entire screen turned black, as if my tablet died. I do not have a picture, because my phone died. If my tablet broke, what part broke? If not one part, which parts? If nobody can tell me, how can I safely open the tablet case, and fix/replace the item, or the tablet itself?
*Plugged in*
*Reset doesn't work*
*Holding power button for minute doesn't work*
*Will not turn on*
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Dec 27, 2011
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Broken is broken so I don't feel any resets will help. There are multiple parts to the screen, the glass portion and the digitizer with is a part of the screen/glass. It's hard to say what part could be replaced especially without knowing what tablet. Unfortunately many people who find a replacement screen end up with some type of secondary problem that replacing the screen didn't fix. Hit the cat up for a new tablet. ;);)