Bug CWM Recovery on Coby Kyros MID9042


Mar 21, 2013
i succesfully installed cwm recovery when i go to recovery i noticed that there is no back selection on menu when i install gapps here is the problem

- choose zip from sdcard
- apply /sdcard/update.zip
- toggle signature verification

the missing one is go back or back like other cwm recovery

thanks if you reply
The 9042 has a physical back button. Thus no need for an option in the recovery itself. Therefore, not a bug.
where is the physical back button? when i restore my stock rom i cant get back to home of cwm recovery

I mean was when I choose on the menu on the cwm recovery I can't go back on home of cwm recovery there is no selection of go back. the tablet has 3 buttons only where is the go home or back button? sorry for my bad english
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While I shouldn't have to answer this because the back button is clearly marked on the tablet, holding the tablet normally the back button will be the one closest to the corner of the tablet.
volume- = down
volume+ = up
powerbutton =select

what i means that when i go to selection of cwm recovery example wiping battery stats after wiping it you cant go back to previous selection i just pressing power button for 60 sec to get out of recovery. insted of going back and select reboot device
You don't have to repeatedly say what you're trying to do on every post. I know what you're doing. Did you install the correct recovery since the 9042 has no pbysical back button, unlike the 9742?
yes I installed the correct one. on cwm recovery its say cwm recovery for coby mid9042 by vampire. can I upload my dump and cwm nandroid backup? or can I post it here
traveller can my android brick when i flashed the cm9 for 8042 on mid9042 i just ported the vampire's work to my tablet. is there any chances to brick even i have a dump and nandroid backup?
There's always a possibility of bricking the tablet when doing work like this. The only thing which will save your bacon in case of bricking is that you have both a dump and a nandroid backup.
Could the 9042 use another coby 7042, 8042, etc (allwinner) recovery that has the back option?

I never seen a 9042 so can't say, if my memory is correct The hardware keys are different so might not work.

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