Buying a Tablet- Some E-Bay numbers


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Aug 6, 2010
It was painful but someone had to do it Here are some aggregate stats for August 27,2010 at 04:00 UTC. There is only a minimal attempt to interpret the results.

I only did this out of curiousity to determine type and availability. There is likely some duplication of numeric results. An example might be EKen and VIA or similar replication.

What is obvious in my opinion is the high numbers of the low end VIA chipset tablets being sold on the 'Bay. This is not a question of quality. It may be a question of availability.

A search from my location showed that over 70% were from China and potentially just 8% from the US.

Search Term (Include detail checked) .........Total
Android Tablets =========================3996
IPads and Tablets =======================1910
PC Laptops and Notebooks =================905
Computer accessories ====================281
Other ================================108
IPad and Tablet Accessories ================68
Other sub-set items ======================43
Electronics ============================339
Gadgets ==============================109
Ipod and MP3 ===========================58
IPod Access ============================41
GPS ==================================26
AV accessories ==========================11

Now for the Interesting Part, I did the same Android Tablet search but added a few more variables. These are not sorted in any order, just how in the order I did the search.
Search A.T. with added Search term ..........RESULTS
VIA ================================= 2112
Rockchip ===============================418
Telechips ==============================487
ARM ==================================233
APad =================================1369
ePad ==================================632
IRobot =================================642
Wit* A81E ================================6
Augen ===================================7
Archos 5 android ==========================169
Archos 7 android ===========================47
PanDigital ================================34
FlyTouch =================================0
Ramos ===================================34
Zenithink =================================52
EKen ===================================262
Streak ===================================42

Read into the results what you want, but it shows at least from the search above which types are being sold currently. I may follow up later with pricing range for the same search criteria.



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Jul 9, 2010
Production volume of the VIA tablets is 3-4 times higher than RK2808 and TCC8902, so that's about right.

These stats are pretty cool.

Interesting to see the TCC8902 tablets matching with the RK2808, but the RK2808 has really slowed down lately.