Can't access files from SD Card


Nov 11, 2011
Hey guys. Ive looked everywhere and still cant find an answer. Im trying to install apps on my tablet. I can see the files when i search for applications but when i go to the SD Card folder nothing that i have on my sd card is there. This has become an annoyance. what am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi zacho56, don't feel stupid, that's why we're here, to help and to learn from each other. :D Welcome to the board! :D

Thank you for the welcome :) Im glad to finally be a part of a rapidly growing community for a rapidly growing OS. Now, just need to find out if my tablet can be upgraded to Honeycomb. Haha. Point in the right direction perhaps?
I don't think Honeycomb has been ported over (if that's the right phrase) to the Coby's yet, I see you have the 7022 listed in your profile, so you've got the gingerbread OS right? I don't know if they are working on making Honeycomb available to Coby's or not. We have a coby specific forum here, so if they have info on it it would be there. Maybe someone will be able to tell us if that is in the works or not. ;)