Can't access Menu, can't access any Apps



Just took delivery today of a 10.1 Superpad II InfoTMic Android 2.3 DDR II 512M Hard Disk 4GB

Model Number: P001 RTL8188-20111206
Android Version: 2.3.3
Baseband Version: Unknown
Kernel Version: TM Root@Ice#79

No matter what I try (limited knowlege, must be admitted) I cannot get a Menu or Apps to show.

It has the following buttons on the top edge - On/Off, Vol.+ Vol.-,Menu, Home and WiFi On/Off
Pressing the Menu BUTTON (not the Icon) brings up a row of Icons at the bottom of the screen :
Add, Manage Apps, Wallpaper,, Search, Notifications, Settings

Touching the Menu Icon (which has a white bar across the top of it) brings up this same bottom row of Icons.

"Manage Apps" only permits deleting them, seems to be impossible to open any.

On the right of the only screen I can get to show are three Icons; Browser on Top. A square made up of 16 smaller squares, and what looks like two houses with a Q on them.
The Browser Icon brings up a google web search, the "houses" open the Camera and the, presumably, Apps Icon, with the 16 squares puts up 5 white rectangles with the one in the middle being a facsimile of the open page.
To the left of these three Icons is a Green Android an to the left of that in the middle of the page is a Black Bar with "Drag Apps to your Home Screen" initially it also had 1 of 6 but now says 3 of 6. Above this Bar is a white Google bar which when touched only jumps up and then back down!

The Reset button on the bottom edge appears to do nothing except to shut the Tablet down.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or even what I'm NOT doing???
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I may have found the solution, in sheer desperation, after many hours, I "Double Tapped on the Apps Icon and, as if by magic, all the Apps were there!!
Feb 24, 2012
We seem to have about the same tablet, with the exception of the Kernal. I was on mine last night, ran the program Elixir and when I switched over to system info it showed me as having all sorts of different information that the phone information was telling me...